Garena Free Fire APK: Winterlands v1.46.0

Free Fire APK – Battlegrounds is a third-person action game that is openly inspired by PUBG. Here, you’ll join a group of around 50 players battle to the death on a huge island filled with vehicles and weapons. Just 1 player will make it from the island alive.

Whenever you find a weapon, crate, automobile, or a doorway, interact with it by tapping on the button which appears on-screen. In the upper right corner, you will also find your stock where you are able to choose the weapon you wish to use.

The way the game develops in Free Fire – Battlegrounds is extremely much like the above PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or some other conflict royale-type game. The game starts out with the players landing on the island through a parachute. After they land, they need to set off running to find weapons and endure the attacks from the remaining players. Look out for the force field that slowly closes in on you as the match continues. If it reaches you–you are dead. Fortunately, if you get stuck too near the forcefield, you can elect to speed away in any of the vehicles you find.

And the duration of each match is corrected accordingly. Rather than playing for thirty minutes, most rounds only last around 15 minutes. Essentially, it’s a quicker and more feverish PUBG.

The game also takes up less memory space than other comparable games and is significantly less demanding on your own Android, so practically anyone can enjoy playing with it.

Name:Garena Free Fire: Winterlands
Language :English (All)
Requires Android4.0.3 and up
UpdatedDecember 7, 2019

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Garena Free Fire is a game with a total of fifty players who fall from parachutes on an island in search of weapons and equipment in order to kill the other players. Players choose the starting position at will, pick up weapons and supplies to increase the lifetime in battle.

Inspired by PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) – another game of the same genre, Garena Free Fire became an instant hit, reaching 7.5 million player mark until October 2018 (reflected by the number of downloads) only on Android devices, becoming one of the most downloaded Android games of 2018, beating big titles (like PUBG Mobile and Clash Royale). Because of its popularity, the game was awarded the “Best Game in Popular Vote” by the Google Play Store in 2018, in addition to the creations of professional competitions in certain parts of Brazil and the world.

Garena Free Fire is an electronic action-adventure game of the battle royale genre seen from a third-person perspective. To start playing, you need to create a personal account in the game, in which you have the right to choose whether you want to create your own account of the game or if you want to connect to a social network account, such as Facebook. After logging in successfully the player must configure his profile and explore the game in order to gain knowledge about the game and the methods used to play. All of that done, the player can start a game by clicking on the “Classic Mode” or “Start Match” button on the Bermuda (Battlefield) and then wait until the plane flies over the island.

As long as the plane is flying over the island, the player can jump wherever he wishes, allowing him to choose a strategic location to land away from enemies. After landing, the player must then go out looking for weapons and utilitarian items. Medical equipment, medium, and large weapons, grenades, bulletproof vests, protective helmet, backpack, machete, among many other items presented in the game can be found by the island. The ultimate goal of the player is to survive on an island with a maximum of 50 members online and all with the same goal. For this, it is necessary to eliminate all the opponents that the player finds along the way and ensure that he is the only survivor.


– Gameplay, action, and fun without almost any limits

– Graphics unlike other games of this type are excellent, especially if you have a high-end smartphone

– The fun is infinite no matter how much you die in a game and you will always have new challenges to achieve or overcome

– The storage space that Garena Free Fire uses on your mobile device is huge, so be careful if you do not have too much

– If you spend hours playing on your smartphone, the battery will run out quite quickly, because the game uses a lot of power

– Some more purchases integrated within the application are present again and are a real nuisance

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