Garena Free Fire APK: Winterlands v1.43.0

Free Fire APK – Battlegrounds is a third-person action game that is openly inspired by PUBG. Here, you’ll join a group of around 50 players battle to the death on a huge island filled with vehicles and weapons. Just 1 player will make it from the island alive.

Whenever you find a weapon, crate, automobile, or a doorway, interact with it by tapping on the button which appears on-screen. In the upper right corner, you will also find your stock where you are able to choose the weapon you wish to use.

The way the game develops in Free Fire – Battlegrounds is extremely much like the above PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or some other conflict royale-type game. The game starts out with the players landing on the island through a parachute. After they land, they need to set off running to find weapons and endure the attacks from the remaining players. Look out for the force field that slowly closes in on you as the match continues. If it reaches you–you are dead. Fortunately, if you get stuck too near the forcefield, you can elect to speed away in any of the vehicles you find.

And the duration of each match is corrected accordingly. Rather than playing for thirty minutes, most rounds only last around 15 minutes. Essentially, it’s a quicker and more feverish PUBG.

The game also takes up less memory space than other comparable games and is significantly less demanding on your own Android, so practically anyone can enjoy playing with it.

Name:Garena Free Fire: Winterlands
Language :English (All)
Requires Android4.0.3 and up
UpdatedDecember 7, 2019

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